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Efficient, convenient, affordable and effective cancer care is provided in the community setting. Some legislators, government agencies and patients do not realize this. With Community Counts, you are part of a physician-led movement focused on showing the real, measurable value of community oncology. We provide the intelligence healthcare providers need to improve their practices’ viability. This includes validated data that demonstrates the real, tangible value of community oncology in care delivery. We are also spearheading change in our legislative bodies and providing you with the resources you need to make your position known. Working together, we will ensure the long-term success of community oncology practices around the United States.

  > Advocacy campaign launched by ION Solutions in January 2013
  > Physician-led movement to show the real measurable value of community oncology




Create a sense of heightened awareness about the long-term viability of community oncology due to environmental changes and the potential negative implications of this

  > Educate audiences on the value of community oncology and arm them with knowledge and resources to enact change
  > Empower physicians, patients and their families to effectively communicate with legislators so that community oncology remains a viable treatment option in this country

GET INVOLVED in a cause that increases awareness of the important role community oncology plays in cancer care.

GET EDUCATED and make informed decisions about cancer care delivery.

GET INFORMED about shaping the treatment setting of the future.



Contact your national and state legislators today and take a stand!