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Nate Green, MD
Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center

Dr. Nate Green explains why community counts to him and his practice

Patients with Cancer need a lot of support and care. If you run an oncology practice, you should have a good internet presence so people in need would get all the information about you. Now on the Internet, there are various blogs or community websites, so reaching out to people has become an easy process. Cancer treatments, symptoms, post-therapy care are among the most searched topics. If you want to expand your oncology practice and inform even more people about your services, think about creating an online course. It is impossible to teach oncology through such courses, but you only need to create an informative course, and it is very easy. First, think about the pros and cons of your own course and once you decide to create it, check, where you can set up a course and promote it with built-in functions. In it, you can discuss common misconceptions about Cancer, prevention, and care services. Such a course is an informative one, so try to explain all vital things in the simplest possible way. You might also want your clients to remember your course, so prepare a beautiful certificate confirming that they have completed the course and know more about such a disease and about its treatment.

There are thousands of diseases in the world, but oncology remains the most dangerous and deadly. No one understands the seriousness of it until they or their closest ones face it. Quite often, people with cancer need nothing besides support, whereas we think that money is everything that can save them. We must inform students about it. There’s nothing difficult about paying someone to write my paper. Custom writing services made modern students free from academic burden. Students have many other important things to do besides homework, so delegating writing tasks to academic experts may be a good decision for anyone. If you’re prudent enough, you’ll rule your life alone.


Community Counts is a physician-led movement focused on showing the real, measurable value of community oncology. We’re joined by nurses, payers, patients and their loved ones as we work to ensure the success of community oncology, now and in the future. Click here to learn more.


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